My name's Ryan Downer. This is RYDO, a cinematography and post production label based out of Los Angeles California.

As a filmmaker, I see life through angles, and lines - where lenses help me translate what I see. There's something about the craft - a combination of grain and story. A form I found both forceful and eloquent. I've followed a discipline to live creatively and push the scope of my experiences. Coming from a design background, I'm drawn to the minimalist school of thought - forging purposeful objects that fill voids, and art that fills our hearts - while removing everything in between.  Doing this with people i deem more talented then me is a pure privilege. This is where my heart beats hardest.


Film tells a story and we are both story-tellers and story-hearers. At it's best, it expresses the natural character of our true human relationships. The image, the narrative, the aesthetic - all come out from the core of our human experiences and curiosities. These two disciplinaries are what form my work. I've learned to never let your fears overtake your curiosity, but to let your curiosity overtake your fears.

So be curious. Create.