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Mar 31, 2013

Creativity = Life = Creativity

It's inevitable. We all grow up. And with growing comes responsibility and comes commitments and comes failures and successes. But equally and disheartening, comes departures of simplicity, innocence, and creativity.
Life is love and loving is simple, you give. Living is always giving and giving is always creative, it's new and unique. We were created and thus our nature is to create.. to love.. to live. We loose sight of this as we "grow up" when growing up should be a maturity of love, of innocence, of simplicity, of creativity.. of living.
There's a similar narrative within this expression of life, but it's roots are hollow. We can choose not to live, but we can not choose not to create. We reCREATE the past, we reCREATE fantasy. All of which are roots in denial, pain, unforgiveness, lust, numbness... They're expressions of death on earth. A false sense of creativity. An artist painting without paint.
Death's ultimate motivation is ceasing life, possibilities, ending creativity. It's stopping movement, ending a creation.
When we chose not to live our lives we create wars within ourselves and between ourselves. We are always creating but not always living.
Today being Easter, for me it represents our opportunity to live now and continue beyond even death.
Choose to create every moment. Live to create. Create to live.


Mar 14, 2013

Hi Spain, I'm Back

Hi Spain, I'm Back

This has been my second trip to Spain. My first was 14 years ago when I was in high school, so I'm way over due. This trip, however, took me to a southern hillside town off the Mediterranean, Mijas (a home base in between our other European destinations). It's been increíble! The views and culture here are definitely worth all the hype. Being the end of winter, the crowds are low and the weather's a bit spotty (Mijas Storm Timelapse), but ranges similarly to California in temperature. The air is fresh, a bonus being from Los Angeles, it's almost even sweet. Inhale. Time for a café con leche. 



Jan 16, 2013

To my Uncle Dave

To my Uncle Dave

We were given these moments, every satisfying breath, to live an unbroken sweetness. Every moment holds a new, perhaps frightening, opportunity to love and then to exhale, to touch then to remember. A dance too delicate to calculate, yet so creatively instinctive to each one of us, every movement, a uniquely flawless motion. There is nothing better we can give away than beauty of life and character; without this all other things are vain.

Peace be with you David Turner

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Dec 13, 2012

Musically Deceptive

Here we are! Alive after 12/12/12, hope we can say the same for 12/21/12. If not, well here's to 8 more days! Cheers.

For this Throw Back Thursday thought we'd take a little breather from the videos and onto another passion of mine, music. As of the late, I've been stepping back into music - playing mostly at my home church in Hollywood, Mosaic; but also at home writting.

One thing I love to play with is cadence - especially deceptive cadences. If it's not something you're familiar with, basically it's an unresolved ending to a progression keeping movement in place of the predicted note. As a musician, it's really pleasing especially since it's tastefuly unexpected. There's definitly pleasure in the resolve of a tonic chord, but it is about the journey not the destination, right?

Classical music plays with deceptive cadences well, and often. One of my legendary favorites is Chopin, Prelude In Em Op. 28 #4 (spotify link).


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Nov 10, 2012

Made by Hand

I've been on a hunt for some good knives as of late, and found this talented knife maker in Brooklyn, NY. You can't really beat a hand crafted knife. So if you're in the market, get one. Not only would you find a stellar knife in your hand, but a good feeling in your heart as well for supporting a fellow New Yorker's struggle in the aftermath of Sandy.

Take a seat. 

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Nov 1, 2012

Fight For Your Right

For this throw back Thursday, I thought I'd encourage you to fight for your right... to party, calmly, of course.



Oct 31, 2012

this is Fine art


Sometimes costumes make me think outside the box, and sometime they don't. This peice by Supakitch and Koralie is phenominal - their work is always outside the box.

Hope you have an inspired time out there tonight. Here's their behind the scenes video to get things started (click the title of this chew). 


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Oct 29, 2012

Slick iPhone Wallpapers. GO

So here's the thing, I love my iPhone (4s at the moment) and having cool wallpapers for the thing is pretty sweet. Go check em out!

iP4  -

iP5 -


Oct 26, 2012

Ljósið - Make yourself a little happier

This is an incredible animation done in collaboration with a modern classical composer, Ólafur Arnalds and animator, Esteban Diácono.

Happy Friday.


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Oct 25, 2012

First Post!

So I thought my logo would be a good first post. Nothing too elaborate, and if you haven't already figured it out, RY and DO are the first two letters in my first and last name, RYan DOwner. Simple. It sounds like "righto!". True. Guess that's part of it. Yes, absolutely is.

What will we think up next? 

First Post. Check. Righto!

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