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Trip Home

Aaron Anastasi as Adam Anike Tourse as Rebecca Written by Anike Tourse Directed by Ryan Downer Filmed and Edited by Ryan Downer

The People's Crisis Trailer

Trailer to the documentary I shot and produced for Liberty in North Korea (LiNK). The film (54 minutes) offers a comprehensive overview of the North Korean people's crisis, their historical development and it's repressive regime, featuring interviews with refugees who have escaped, their journey through the underground, expert analysis, and insight into some of the little-known grass-roots changes that are happening inside the country. -- The real crisis in North Korea is not about its reclusive leaders or its nuclear weapons. It is about 24 million people living under the most ruthless system of political oppression ever assembled by humankind. The North Korean people have suffered through crippling poverty, humanitarian disasters, chronic food shortages and a denial of even the most basic of freedoms. Credits: Director of Photography, Editor Music: Ben Lukas Boysen Learn more at: linkglobal.org

Adam & Jamero EP3 "Free Pussy, Riot"

A fish-out-of-water comedy about two unlikely friends facing fears while forging fate. EP3 Adam, now living with Jamero, opens the door one morning to a beautiful woman named Jade — Jamero's childhood friend. Their introduction is less than amicable as she ridicules Adam for his surprise cleaning spree and for being a one hit pop sell out. Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/adamandjamero

Beyond Measure

Competition piece. Had 90 minutes to create a film - production to delivery.

Save Me a Saturday Night { Spec }

Levis Spec Commercial** { Written, Produced and Directed } Joel Kenyon { DP } Ryan Downer { AC } Merik Woodmansee { Grip } Matt Maxwell { Music } Neil Diamond - Save Me A Saturday Night { Cast } Nick Loritsch Jamie Shea **This is in no way affiliated with Levi or their trademark.

The History

A short film chronicling the story of Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) and how they came to be. Find out more at www.linkglobal.org Credits: Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Re-recording Mixer Music: Jon Hopkins

USC Animated Logo Intro

Bumper animator and sound designer for the Korean Studies Institute of University of Southern California video series.

Westside Green Commercial

New Urban Builders subdivision, Westside Green needed a commercial to spotlight their newly built homes. Credit: Camera, Editor, Animator, Audio Music: Brandon Mains bmains.com/